westin lohne
designer & developer

 Product Designer ~ Facebook
Local Discovery team.

Product Design Intern ~ Facebook
Worked/learned from Erica on the Local Recommendations team.

Product Design Intern ~ Facebook
Spent the summer working/learning from Katharina on an unreleased product.

Researcher ~ CMU HCII
Worked under Jeff & Nikki to design & build assistive collaborative knowledge tools for the context of Wikipedia contribution.

UX Research Intern ~ Etsy
As this burgeoning UX team’s first intern, I did a bunch. Like making an internal tool to run mobile diary studies-- demoed here at some conference!

Researcher ~ CMU HCII
Helped to implement a collaboration tool for behavioral specialists to support data-based decision-making for children with special needs.

Intern ~ Craft Coffee
I was one of two other employees. I did a bunch of stuff.