Find out how long until the next bus— a mobile web app that aims to do one thing really well.

Designed and developed for a final project in my Building Distributed Applications course at Carnegie Mellon in the fall of ‘15.

Pittsburgh Port Authority had recently released their General Transit Feed Specification, and with it, an API to receive busses’ live locations.  I mashed their data with Google Maps API for the map background, and utilized native HTML5 data caching to ensure a speedy experience. To sync saved stops across devices, the Facebook oAuth API + Parse was used.

Tapping any bus stop around you shows you appraching busses. Tap any of the approaching busses to track them live as they move towards the stop.

The class voted my project ‘best mobile app’ and ‘best app design,’ so I was tickled. 

westin lohne  ✧  sensitivity + digitality