Mug Bug

Designed and engineered for a class at Carnegie Mellon: Gadgets, Sensors, and Activity Recognition (05-833)

You know when you brew tea and you never know when it's a good temperature to drink? Wait too long to drink it and it's too cold. Drink too soon and you burn your mouth. What a minor dilemma. Well, this project was a silly solution.

  1. mugbug was a simple program that ran on an a arduino with a LED ring, a waterproof thermometer, and a potentiometer.

  1. mugbug would rest on the edge of your mug, displaying the time remaining until the optimal temperature to drink, adjustable by the user with the dial in the center.

  1. when mugbug knows it's OK to drink, the lights flash and make a rainbow pattern.

Available on Github.

westin lohne  ✧  sensitivity + digitality